Banano Crypto Owl


Banano Crypto Owl
The owls of crypto hoard their coins in the nests of the golden barn. But beware, as they carefully guard each and every single coin in their collection, and will fight to keep them. But only the brave will find the courage to venture in and evade their deadly talons and manage to grab the prize.

Now you can collect these NFTs on their own, but you can also use them in blends. These blends are combined on Neftyblocks in order to create rare NFTs. But it’s up to you, collect or blend to unlock the mysteries of the Owls of Crypto.

View entire owls of Crypto collection

View entire Owls of Crypto Collection on Neftyblocks

The Collection

The Owls of Crypto collection is part of a collection of Pixi NFTs which includes Pixi Monstas and Pixi Snax. These Pixi NFTs are exclusive to AtomicHub and Neftyblocks. Pixi NFTs is a collection of cute, friendly characters and tasty treats which evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia.

You can quickly become a member of the Pixi NFT Gang, but you only need a small investment in Wax to get started. This low price removes barriers to entry. No matter your personal situation or country of origin, you can become a member of the Pixi NFT Gang.

Pixi NFT Gang

Anyone is welcome to join the Pixi NFT Gang. If you think you are too new to the NFT space, or perhaps you are unsure of how all of this works but still want to join, you do not need to worry. You are welcome to join and you can always ask as many questions as you like at any time. No question is too difficult and you will be sure to find someone who has the answer.

If you have no crypto or NFT knowledge, but you are still curious about NFTs, now is your chance to join. You will soon be trading GMs, understanding the meaning of WAGMI and learning how to HODL until moon, or at least Lambo.

Join the Pixi NFT Gang today by simply clicking here to join the discord:

The Pixi NFT Gang is a welcoming and inclusive community. We are a diverse gang of collectors, artists, pixel art aficionados and newcomers to the NFT space. All are welcome and you are free to join and discuss, ask questions and contribute to the growth and community of the Pixi NFT Gang.


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